Friday, November 4, 2011

Voice of Poland and ARAM

"Voice of Poland" is the latest TV show in TVP2 that ARAM is not only a provider of multimedia but also scenic co-producer. You can see some of latest technology equipmnt which is available in our offer and had its debut.

1. LED curtain Fourlight FlexLED with 19mm pixel and the unusual creative flexibility

2. New full transparent glass for our LED Floor - that significantly raises the quality of image in the tv camera.

3. Stage track automation system controlled by DMX and fully compatible with our new led curtain (FlexLED)

4. Almost 400m of led snakes - 16mm with or without diffusion covers

The effect can admire every Saturday at 20:00 on the TVP2 air or previous shows can be seen on official channel of Voice of Poland on YouTube