Monday, December 15, 2014

New investments, new equipment at ARAM

2014 is not over yet and we already can announce what's new in our rental stock will be in December and January.

1. ​​Clay Paky MYTHOS is a new spot light based on Philips Platinum 20R bulb. This is a truly versatile fixture with very high light intensity. ARAM will be one of the first companies to introduce these lamps on Polish rental market.

2. Vari Lite VL3500 Spot - this time we focused on the classics and proven technology. Professional and original profile fixtures Vari Lite VL-3500 Spot.

3. GrandMA2onPC command wing - having the third  largest in Poland GM2 set of consoles ( GM2Full, GM2Light, NPU, Wing ) we decided to purchase the smallest of the family GM2onPC command wing . The whole enclose will be in a special flight case with a large EloTouch 22 inches  monitor and an extension of up to 4 lines and 4096 parameters (the same as GM2 Light).

4. MDG Atmosphere - is the highest standard in the market hazer fog generator powered by CO2. This is not the first such devices in our offer.

All of the above will help us to realize the increasing amount of productions in the coming 2015.
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Friday, July 4, 2014

Curvable 8mm curtain in festival stage

Another year in a row we had the pleasure to deliver multimedia  for scenography designed by Giorgios Stylianou for OPOLE festival. Below are some photos and a short video showing it in its full glory.

The stage design was used, among others, the latest LED curtain Fourlight CURVE 8 of the densest pixel in Poland: 8mm! Which gives a bend on the outside and inside with no visible gaps.

More about the curtain CURVE 8 read the post: Curvable LED 8mm without visible gas? It's possible!

Production Designer: Giorgios Stylianou
Lighting design: Artur Szyman
Visualizations: Peter Szabliński
Head of the team ARAM: Wojtek Koperski, Pawel Pawelec
Production: TVP


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

10 Years of Poland in European Union

10 years ago we did an event to celebrate the Polish entry into the European Union. Similarly to Poland 10 years ago, ARAM was then different company. 10 years of Poland in EU is also 10 years of  ARAM changes.

Today, we are a different company, we have the best multimedia equipment in Poland and dynamically developing lighting and stage design department. At this point I would like to thank all employees and associates who have helped us become what it is today ARAM!

And we promise to go further than in the pursuit of perfection!

Here are the photos of the show that we had the honor to serve, "Here Beats Heart of Europe" was organized on the occasion of Polish accession to the EU.

Rafal Mrzygłocki

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Rafał Mrzygłocki
Set design: Giorgios Stylianou
LD: Artur Szyman
Graphics: Piotr Szablinski
Production: TVP


Thursday, April 17, 2014

The new FL-600 WASH just arrived!

We just invested in 50 pcs. of  WASHes :) The new device is "moving heads" Fourlight FL-600 WASH , which have already shown their capabilities. Also showed high reliability which spoke that we decided to choose the FL-600 and not the product form ROBE ;)

FL-600 can be used as a "paint light" and also an excellent light effects that an entirely new function of HALF-RING: )

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Intel Extreme Masters with ARAM

Intel Extreme Masters 2014 is a mega-production associated with global e-sport.

On behalf of the  responsible for the show we did stage design and its execution, including logistics, and full technical support: lighting, multimedia and sound. The design concept of both stages was created in collaboration with the organizer. 

8'th World Final edition of the Intel Extreme Masters, took place in Katowice 14-16 March. The event, can certainly be called a key of events related to the global e-sports, while his extraordinary success say impressive numbers - 75 thousand. visitors and more than 8 million unique users following the games on the Internet.

List of equipment used in the production is so long that it would take too much time o list, but I can say that we used 12 trucks to carry them :)

Some key technology we used:
- New projectors from BARCO  HDX and HDF
- grandMA 2 Full-size and two grandMA Light consoler with 2 grandMA NPU processors
- Avolites Tiger Touch consoles
- Fourlight LED screens 6mm and 8mm with a total 120 sqm
- More than 1000m2 of prefabricated stage
- More than 200 moving heads, including the vast majority of brand ClayPaky and Fourlight
- More than 300 other conventional lighting devices

The fact that the project has been completed successfully is the perfect proof that a model of cooperation " from design to effect "is perfect for even the large scale productions!

It is worth mentioning that the IEM in 2014 included four stages. Let us add that for the implementation of lighting at all stages of answers implementers working permanently in Aram. Compete on stage accompanied by the exhibition of nearly twenty exhibitors, provide a technique where the stage belonged to our tasks.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Back to the New Year Eve...

We are extremely busy with many shows we do in 2014 and I forgot to write and post some pictures about New Years Eve stage we did just month ago :) So.:

Stage was equipped in latest Fourlight curtain including CURVE 8, Hi-strips and also our old but still in good condition LED GRID which was installed behind the squares. If you want to get more details about this show you can visit my Polish blog and of course translate by Google :)

Yes, this curtain in the center of stage is 8mm and it's still transparent !


Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year's Eve giant Stage in Poland

A picture is worth a thousand words so I want to show all my friends, customers and followers how looked a New Year's Eve Stage in Wroclaw, Poland. Show was life broadcasted to TVP. We equip it in latest led technology from Fourlight and also a lot of lighting.