Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TV show set

TV set design made ​​on a "design-to-effect" basis !
Our service include: scenography design, lighting, multimedia and set building as well as lighting design and content.

Such a model of co-operation is becoming more and more popular amongst our customers as it allows more easily fit in your budget without sacrificing modern multimedia elements.

Instead, eliminate and abandon LED curtain, displays and lighting, we try to minimize the production of expensive one-off valves, and other items that often cost more than the attitude of diode light curtain and display moving images.

Among the widest creative led inventory in Poland to choose from it might not be more expensive than the traditional, especially when we start work early from design. 

When you're planning the next production?


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hi-strip & New Year's Eve in Warsaw

New year and new product launch!


Hi-strip” had its debut during New Year's Eve Night in Warsaw. Nearly 400 video strips hung in a huge multimedia scenography which stood on Warsaw MDM  square.

Fourlight "Hi-strip" is a video/lighting line characterized by the full range of colors, superior brightness, 12,5mm resolution and high refresh rate. Their use are almost endless, from very bright displays of any shape up to the unique video/lighting effects.

Hi-strip is the perfect product to create a modern set design for television, events and shows. IP65 protection make it perfect product in any weather conditions and a built-in power supply and cabling solutions allow relatively easy to create large installations. Fourlight Hi-strip is available starting 1 January 2013.