Monday, March 12, 2012

ARAM join AVAlliance to represent Poland

AV Alliance unites the worlds leading event technology services providers under one roof. 45 companies in 26 different countries form an alliance that stands for total quality and reliability.

In February ARAM join the network to represent Poland. 

The idea to set up a Global network was born out of a customer request. Here, a global corporation commissioned the Swiss company, Habegger AG, with providing event technology in 17 European countries. The client’s project portfolio comprises lots of small and, in each case, very local events. Frequently, client projects are too small to be centrally supported. For this reason, Habegger AG decided to set up a European network of partners. The assessment of the partners focuses on the company’s respective quality and reliability. Therefore, all members of the network today fulfil a comprehensive catalogue of qualitative criteria. These have been verified and confirmed onsite. For this reason, AV Alliance clients can be assured that they can rely on the same consistent quality wherever they are implementing their projects. In addition to existing major clients, the network will also be accessible to the public from January 1, 2011 onwards.

This is how AV Alliance came into being. The world’s most comprehensive event technology network.
All members are independently managed companies and are among the leading providers within their respective regions. The AV Alliance companies have a combined staff of 2 689, completing 42 000 individual projects each year and have total warehousing space in excess of 199 000 m2. Today, AV Alliance comprises companies in 25 countries at 32 sites. Each member rents out audio-visual and lighting equipment. Most also provide rigging and event IT services. Only those companies complying with all qualitative criteria are part of the network. For a list of partners, click on the “Quality Seal” link on the Website.

The network is being further expanded.

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