Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Interesting way to use FogScreen

Here's an interesting way how you can use FogScreen. This is example how it was installed in the hockey stadium in Riga stood at the end of the tunnel for the players. Each player passes through it.

Or maybe you have an interesting idea to use the Fog Screen?


Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012 in Wroclaw

New Year's Eve 2012 in POLAND took place this year in Wroclaw, again. ARAM participated in this show, organized by Polish Television, providing latest LED multimedia . Set contain 120m sqm of Fourlight FlexLED led curtain installed as a main screen and side screens. It is worth mentioning that the Flex LED is one of the most flexible led curtain available not only in Poland but also in this part of Europe.

Additional ARAM also delivered more than 50m sqm of LED screens (SMD 10mm) also  from Fourlight. One of the LED screens with an area of 35m sqm has been set in side part of the stage, a second smaller one stand 200m from stage. The sets also contain BARCO Mitrix and MiStrips which the vertical bars are surrounding the entire scene. Lighting gear include, Pulsar Chroma batten's, Sharpy's from ClayPacky and many others. Multimedia has been driven by two Catalyst media servers , operated jointly with ligting by three WholeHogs III. Show has been directed by Konrad Smuga , set design by Radoslaw DÄ™bniak and lighting design by  Adam Tyszka

Below you can see a series of pictures and videos of multimedia stage which was built for the New Year's Eve in Wroclaw, in Poland.

It is worth mentioning that New Year's concerts are one of the most difficult installations due to the variability of the weather and the magnitude of the work to be done in difficult conditions in a relatively short time. Frost or moisture, can cause lot of unexpected surprises. This year, the temperature was rather + so we have a easier work to install all the gears :)


Final 10 seconds:



Stage dimensions:


More pictures CLICK HERE

After hours :)