Thursday, July 5, 2012

Miss Poland Teens Final 2012

ARAM have grown a small amphitheater in Kozienice in the multimedia scene. This year, in addition to the design and construction of scenery and to provide multimedia and sound system, also delivered our latest lighting.

It is also worth mentioning that the consoles were seated, our operators who, led by a master of light Adam  Tyszka who realized the whole show ..

What distinguishes us is our range of lighting and the latest model-the new equipment. We primarily invests in the latest gears based on LED technology, but also desks, wiring and truss!.

Soon we will offer Grand MA console 2, Colorado LED wash, moving heads and the latest LED BUTTONs.

Returning to the elections held on the first day Miss Polish semifinal second day finals Polish Miss Teen 2012. The winner Agnieszka Karasiewicz, 17-year-old from Warsaw. Of the 22 candidates jury also awarded titles 1Wicemiss Teenager - Alexander Mandryk, 2Wicemiss - King Marunowska, 3Wicemiss Teen - Alexander Ulewska, 4Wicemiss - Adrianna Mazur. The star of the concert was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the IRA team.

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