Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Giant multimedia set for Miss Supranational 2013 (VIDEO!)

Finally I put all interesting photos and videos from the Miss Suprantaional 2013 in one place. There's really a lot of photos so they are packed in dynamic video slide-show. Enjoy.

Monday, September 30, 2013

CURVED LED 8mm without visible gaps ? It's possible!

Do you know that it is possible to build a high resolution LED screen with no visible gaps - an arc ..... curved both inside and outside?

This is the Fourlight CURVE 8mm . Curtain or LED screen - because it is a "2 in 1" can be curved and in both directions creating WAVY LED displays. So whether it will be ARC PANORAMA or CYLINDER (as shown below) - there is no limit for us!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Small fonts and graphs on 6mm LED screen

Since the birth of the indoor LED screens there is a myth that the resolution is to small to display charts with thin arrows and small fonts and everything which is small and difficult to read.

During the 2013 Event Technology Days we had the opportunity to show how the graph looks on the 6mm LED screen. Below photo is taken from a very short distance - even though the pixels that the camera sees much more than the human eye the graph can be fully visible and read - you can see thin lines on a thickness of 1 pixel and a small font size.  
The test has been made on the screen Fourlight Smart 6BK (6mm)
Zoom above picture to see it in details 


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Miss Supranational 2013 - pictures from installations...

Some very first pictures form Miss Supranational giant multimedia set we build in Belarus last week. Show was a big success....

Can you believe that outer curve 8mm curtain can be gap free!? It's fact. this is Fourlight CURVE 8

Ideal curve with no visible gap between panels....

  .... yes, even on one color graphics.

FlexLED 19mm curtain.... above

On ceiling you may think it's BARCO Mi-strip, but it's NOT. It's our brand new Fourlight Hi-strip video lines where one led is always one pixel, 5050 led guaranty high brightness....

More pictures and video soon....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miss Supranational 2013 official stage drawings

We rare present the set design before the show but for the this time we were allowed to show what we build in Sports Arena in Minsk....  6'th September we go LIVE with Miss Supranational 2013.

P.S. We offer one stop shop services, from concept design to final production. If you are interested to talk about your future event feel free to contact us. We work all around the world.

Monday, July 29, 2013

15th year selecting the World’s Best in Pageantry!

15th year selecting the World’s Best in Pageantry!

GB comment: No question here, Miss Supranational’s production values and entertaining quality is at its finest, delivering an upbeat, interesting and easy-to-follow format; the lights, the stage, the  pre-pageant videos, all adding to the great job this pageant has been doing for the past years.  They get the Gold Yulia for entertainment and innovation.  In 2nd place, the Miss World competition although with some technical glitches, managed to delivered a great quality show with an impressive stage and some welcomed changes in the competition’s format. Miss Universe gets 3rd place, as entertaining and controversial as it has always been, we have seen way better productions in the past from this giant competition. 

The set was designed by Jack van Daniels and ARAM is proud to be set design and building company and of course delivered all multimedia and lighting for this show :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

OPOLE Festival and some history...

This year's Opole Festival was the 50 anniversary! It's an honor to be able to handle the festival my childhood I spent with my father at OPOLE many times.
So yes, Adam Mrzygłocki was the first Lighting Designr who introduced to OPOLE first  parcans and the first ClayPacky scanners and also VariLite moving jokes!

Today stage is completely different than 20 years ago, has changed not only the equipment but the whole amphitheater. It is worth mentioning that many engineers and lighting technicians who are working today on TVP and then it worked there - but they were younger .... amout 20 years :) It's nice that the same people still remember my father.

This year, once again, for the light design was responsible Artur Szyman and set design has been designed ​​by Giorgios Stylianou. This year we traditionally was responsible for all the LED Displays as well as over 1000 LED strips .... The effects you can enjoy the pictures :) Nothing more and nothing less. Tastes are different but the job was done perfectly.


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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let the curtain falls, and behind it ....:

Are you organize the presentation of a new product? or launch a new car model?

We have an interesting proposition for you. If you fall scenery we design and decide on its implementation with us on a "design-to the effect of" get FREE opportunity to use what is news AUTOMATIC CURTAIN system.

Imagine a giant curtain which is just debuting the product. One moment, and the curtain falls automatically, without the human operators behind….:
Light, Video and of course new product, which could be a car, machine, or any other object or its model.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TV show set

TV set design made ​​on a "design-to-effect" basis !
Our service include: scenography design, lighting, multimedia and set building as well as lighting design and content.

Such a model of co-operation is becoming more and more popular amongst our customers as it allows more easily fit in your budget without sacrificing modern multimedia elements.

Instead, eliminate and abandon LED curtain, displays and lighting, we try to minimize the production of expensive one-off valves, and other items that often cost more than the attitude of diode light curtain and display moving images.

Among the widest creative led inventory in Poland to choose from it might not be more expensive than the traditional, especially when we start work early from design. 

When you're planning the next production?