Monday, January 11, 2016

Stage for New Year's Eve in the city

There is no concerts or festival like New Year's Eve in the city!. They tend to be a visual and acoustic experience for those who attend but a challenge for the technicians behind the stage.

Technical and logistical requirements are diverse, and the expectations for lighting, video and live sound are very high. Every production today features videos and live broadcasts on LED screens, which are often associated with complex kinetic designs.

Our process begins with a consultation to gain an understanding of the desired look and feel of the show or event. We take great efforts to cater each stage design into the architectural environment, while exclusively customizing the look and feel to match your needs.

No detail is too small, no project is too large, so whether your project requires 8 or 180 lights, we are experts at integrating all the design and technologies necessary to provide an unparalleled experience. 

See what we did for New Year's Eve Stage and let's us know about your next show!

P.S. ARAM has a presence in 39 countries around the world. Through our membership of the AV Alliance, a global network of high quality AV companies, we have access to equipment and
event logistics locally in any country.

About us:
ARAM is a design and full-scale design technical production company delivering its services globally. An one-stop-shop solution for your event: a team of scenic and lighting designers, dedicated project managers, large state-of-the-art equipment park and media division enable us to service any aspect of your show. 
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