Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OPOLE Festival 2012 set

Opole is a legendary festival in Poland. This year we had the pleasure to provide the latest multimedia for this fantastic set.

The scenery include 7 screens made with Fourlight FlexLED curtain, screens where hanged from the ceiling in an arc. To be able to hang there, were designed and made special steel frame all of which were suspended from the ceiling.

The lateral semicircular "backstage" hid behind a platform for the bands that were pushed on special rails to center stage. The walls were covered with Fourlight PixBOX video pixels

At the end we installed unique multimedia stairs made with Foulight LED BLOCK, which is unique multimedia block available only from ARAM

The lighting include almost 800 lights and where controlled by 3 GrandMA2 and 2 Catalyst media server. Light design was made by Artur Szyman, and graphics by Peter Szablinski.

It is worth mentioning that this was the first OPOLE festival in a new amphitheater :)

P. S. Videos from the festival can be seen here and more photos are HERE