Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Designing the stage for beauty contest

ARAM once again was responsible for set design and technical production of  the largest international beauty contest "Miss Supranational 2015" and "Miss Poland 2015".

Design and technical production of this kind of show since the beginning requires close work with many people, starting from the director, choreographer by technicians, riggers and engineers. An effect that could be seen speaks for itself.
Every event requires an individual approach and a different way of working with clients or agencies. That is why we offer different models of cooperation in the framework of which together with our customers realize such a huge scale events as well as smaller shows.
Miss Polski it's been on the market for over 25 years. Its first edition was held in 1990. This year Magdalena Bienkowska won the beauty contest.
The event was directed by Simon Losiewicz, Choreography Anna Bubnowska, LD: Jack Van Daniels, 2D / 3D: Peter Szablinski, Photo: Dorothy Tyszka

About us:
ARAM is a full-scale technical production company delivering its services globally. An one-stop-shop solution for your event: a team of scenic and lighting designers, dedicated project managers, large state-of-the-art equipment park and media division enable us to service any aspect of your show.
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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Air6Pix: new moving batten from ARAM

We never stop looking for new and uncommon lighting effects which can change every show! See what AIR6PIX can do:

AIR6PIX is a new moving batten that add a new dimension in the field of effects and pixel mapping. The light source is 6 times 40W RGBW LEDs, combined with a 67mm optic system which delivers 4,5° poweful beams by keeping high color consistency.

AIR6PIX performs continuous double rotation on both Pan and Tilt axes and pivot function to inclinate the 2 LED blocks (3 LEDs each) on concave and convex angles, featuring a new level of movements control. AIR6PIX is a tool open to the creativity of LDs, with a moltitude of new effects: impressive light-output, individual control of each LEDs, narrow light emissions, install in any position, limitless movements on X, Y, pivot. 

AIR6PIX benefits from multiple control options via DMX-RDM, Art-Net and Wireless DMX connection.

ARAM is first company in Europe to have almost 100 fixtures on theier rental stock.
Air6PIX is available from ARAM in rental and sales !

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Global Offensive Counter-Strike event with ARAM

Last weekend, the LANXESS Arena in Cologne, Germany’s largest indoor arena became home to the world’s biggest and most-watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event. With over 11,000 visitors flocking to arena each day and millions more tuning in online, it was a fitting way to celebrate ESL’s first standalone CS:GO event.

Over 27 million unique viewers watched the tournament on Twitch for almost 34 million hours (nearly 3,879 years!) between them, and at its peak the event was being followed on-line by over 1.3 million concurrent viewers - an increase of more than 30% on the last ESL One Counter-Strike event five months previously and a new record for both ESL and the game itself.

ARAM was responsible for set design and technical production, including rental of latest video , lighting technology and camera jib's.

Equipment list include CP Mythos, Sharpy, Fourlight LED lighting fixtures, 3mm led screens, 8mm curve screens, 6mm black face led screen and many other equipment. 

Pictures by ESL