Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NEW 10mm SMD LED SCREENs avalible for RENTAL in Europe

We would like to introduce our brand new LED screen in SMD RGB (3 in 1) technology with 10mm pixel pitch. High resolution, brightness of 6000 Nits and full water resistance are the key features to use it both in indoor and outdoor installations.

Fourlight  SMD10 offers you a wide range of interesting and attractive solutions. First of all, automatic mounting system between modules to speed up installation and dismantling time. Secondly, brand new controllers with 16 bits color processing which allows to darken the screen down to 2% of its brightness without losing color deepness. Extremely relevant feature for indoor applications in order to obtain full-color and -contrast picture. 

Modules are also equipped in special threaded holes to mount components of scenography directly.

New LED screens are available for RENTAL in Europe! Email us for quotation for your next event: led (at) aram.pl