Friday, July 4, 2014

Curvable 8mm curtain in festival stage

Another year in a row we had the pleasure to deliver multimedia  for scenography designed by Giorgios Stylianou for OPOLE festival. Below are some photos and a short video showing it in its full glory.

The stage design was used, among others, the latest LED curtain Fourlight CURVE 8 of the densest pixel in Poland: 8mm! Which gives a bend on the outside and inside with no visible gaps.

More about the curtain CURVE 8 read the post: Curvable LED 8mm without visible gas? It's possible!

Production Designer: Giorgios Stylianou
Lighting design: Artur Szyman
Visualizations: Peter SzabliƄski
Head of the team ARAM: Wojtek Koperski, Pawel Pawelec
Production: TVP