Monday, December 15, 2014

New investments, new equipment at ARAM

2014 is not over yet and we already can announce what's new in our rental stock will be in December and January.

1. ​​Clay Paky MYTHOS is a new spot light based on Philips Platinum 20R bulb. This is a truly versatile fixture with very high light intensity. ARAM will be one of the first companies to introduce these lamps on Polish rental market.

2. Vari Lite VL3500 Spot - this time we focused on the classics and proven technology. Professional and original profile fixtures Vari Lite VL-3500 Spot.

3. GrandMA2onPC command wing - having the third  largest in Poland GM2 set of consoles ( GM2Full, GM2Light, NPU, Wing ) we decided to purchase the smallest of the family GM2onPC command wing . The whole enclose will be in a special flight case with a large EloTouch 22 inches  monitor and an extension of up to 4 lines and 4096 parameters (the same as GM2 Light).

4. MDG Atmosphere - is the highest standard in the market hazer fog generator powered by CO2. This is not the first such devices in our offer.

All of the above will help us to realize the increasing amount of productions in the coming 2015.
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