Thursday, October 25, 2018

eSports studio project from A to Z

It is a pleasure for me to announce that ARAM, designed and constructed the stage set and equipped it comprehensively with the latest multimedia  and lightening for the new Polsat TV studio.

This is a breakthrough moment for us that confirms our long-term strive to offer complex stage set design services "from design to effect" – all in one place. Now these are not only stage settings, but also studio designs, that ARAM implements from A to Z.

The Polsat TV studio, though dedicated to eSport,  has been designed so that it can also be used for other purposes. In the over 500m2 hall, a balcony of over 100m2 space was built to house a commentating studio with especially designed multimedia furniture and tables. We took care not only about the latest multimedia but also the spiral stairs, backstage and a lot of other details.

In the central part of the main studio , a 2,6mm LED screen has been placed and the entrance door for the competitors and the leaders opens and closes automatically. We were responsible not only for the sale, but also for the selection and installation of the lighting devices, LED screens, automation and of course delivery and construction of the entire stage set design.

Michal Mrzyglocki, a partner, the main stage designer and a co- owner of ARAM is in charge of the concept and design of the stage set, while Jack Van Daniels is responsible for the lighting design. Participants of the project also included employees of  ARAM and the best subcontractors in the Polish market, with whom we have the pleasure to cooperate.

It is hard not to mention  that a permanent stage set design requires a whole lot of documents, calculations and certificates, delivered by a team of team of producers and specialists, with whom we work permanently or cooperate on a regular basis .

We invite everybody, not only eSport companies, to cooperate on large and small designs, in Poland, Europe as well as in the USA. Find out for yourself how we can comprehensively implement most difficult designs “from design to effect".

Now our offer also includes studio designs.