Monday, October 26, 2009

"" domain regained

After many months of battle with the massive domain registrar, belongs to us!

We managed to convince the previous owner of the company that ARAM has the real right to this domain.

It was not easy because the documents submitted with the patent office initially were not convincing to them. But terminally unable to conclude an agreement with virtually no cost - we avoided arbitration and find at our site now.

Unofficially, I can say that this is the last step before the introduction of an entirely new web page which we plan to launch untill the end of this year.RM

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dynamic, sexy and… wet!

Dynamic, sexy and… wet! This is the way the new video ‘Intoxicated’ by Relanium presents. The project was carried out in cooperation with Danny S and Miss Laila.
Short, fast changing shots by Artur Szyman made it look very energetic and dynamic; sexy because of the singer – main character of the video; and wet… due to our Water Courtain appeared, visible in most of the captures.

What distinguishes this video clip from all the others shots in similar electro-house style is an extremely spectacular technical solution - water courtain. Keep in mind that it has 9 meters width and Full H2O resolution!

Laser beam or pictures from projector can be displayed due to 3 rows of nozzles providing thick and regular water surface. Closed water circuit system enable using this solution at any desired place.

Because of applying water curtain in such project, many unique shots and extraordinary possibilities could be made. Advantages of using this technique weren’t new for producer and light designer, who invited us to join recordings taken place in Hollywood studio in Warsaw.
Proverbial icing on the cake were visualizations appearing in the background of water surface. Such an effect was achieved by using LED curtain, precisely 20 sqm of Fourlight LED Grid. Fourlight LED Grid is a well known product widely applied on TV productions, concerts and events.RM

Monday, October 12, 2009

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Small event with creative leds

We had the pleasure to serve a small event in Lublin, organized by the Association PROREGIONA. Gala on literally dozens of people held in local theater.

We suggested that in addition to a large screen and projector, which was the must to have equipmentdue to the projection made earlier maked films to enrich small amounts of led curtains decoration PixBOX.

We set 5m2 of PixBOX under the screen so that cpver incident light from the projector screen and two small pillars on both sides. This, I believe, helped to achieve an interesting effect and make that set deisgn, slightly different from the "movie theater".

This is proof that small amounts of often using creative media can make even a small event that looks like a show:) RM

Friday, September 11, 2009

Miss Poland 2009 choosen !

83 most beautiful girls from Poland and around the world :)

Last weekend 4-6 September we support final three major shows: Polish Miss 2009, Miss Supranational 2009 and Miss Teen 2009 Polish and all the beauty of this year's at festival in Plock.

We use almost 80m2 of transparent led curtain hanged in 17 suspended belts height from 3 to up to 7m providing a complete back-drop of stage and a wide scope for visualization.

We also rent high quality 20m2 LED screen, which was suspended in the center of the scene at the height of 3m in its role as the main stage screen.

We can not forget about people who were involved in the production of this event, with organizer: Pavel Zeitz and Gerard Parzutka with the crew, the director Simon Łosiewicz, lighting director Adam Tyszka, Leszek MALINKIEWICZ stage building team and the whole team from Polsat, POKiZ and many more people who have contributed to the production of 5 editions of the "beautiful contest"

The final result was great multimedia stage and only beautiful finalists of the competition was able to distract the audience from enjoying it;)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Giant multimedia stage with rotating walls on Sopot Festival

Below you can find photos of giant multimedia installation which was build on Sopot Festival in Three-city. This really impressive set, designed by Giorgios Stylianou has 3 rotating stages with self rotating walls and contains almost 500sqm of creative leds, including 7000 creative SMD pixels called "PixBOX".


PixBOX - set designers will love it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

LED Floor in Polish Olymic Studio

Aram Multimedia, a Polish multimedia event engineering company has rented 20m2 of Fourlight LED Floor for a Polish TV Olympic Games studio in Warsaw. Aram delivered 80 panels of LED, each 50x50cm and 8.4cm thick, which was installed partly under a glass floor, with the rest of the panels installed around the set.

Fourlight LED Floor is a modular LED video and graphic based flooring tile product, which uses Polycarbonate Injection Molding techniques. Each 500x500mm contains 256 SMD RGB LED pixels under a two layer tempered and specially treated glass. LED floor is equipped in quick connect module interconnection system and easy wiring connections. RM

Sunday, June 14, 2009

ARAM fires up the IPN building in Warsaw

ARAM, one of the largest Polish AV Rental company, stands behind the action of firing up “Institute of National Memory” building in Warsaw. On the first of June, exactly at 22:00 “multimedia fire” has been set under the IPN building in Warsaw. Two projectors 15,000 ANSI each, virtually burned the entire building. This unusual action has been made by SLD party who wanted to celebrate the 4’th of June 1989 by stressing on liquidation of the Institute. According to Rafal Mrzygłocki, managing director of ARAM, company which deliver all technical preparation and equipment for the whole action: "Although the event has a political undertone, we treat them purely professional - is it another, non-routine happening in which we had the opportunity to participate, providing the latest AV technologies and showing what our company and people are able to provide."


PixBOX – is this MiPix successor?

PixBox is a new SMD RGB led creative pixel from Fourlight which enables you to generate a huge spectrum of different effects, colors, graphics, animations and even low-res videos.

PixBOX dimensions are only 11 by 11 cm (109 x 109mm) and it contains nine full color RGB LEDs capable of creating millions of colors and hues. It is lightweight, only 200g per block and very easy to connect (magnetic mounts) in variety of forms and shapes. It comes in 104 x 104 cm frames but you can easy demount all or only chosen pixels from frames and install them directly in custom decoration.

Watch demo video:

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