Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miss POLAND 2012 - final gala

Miss Poland 2012 this time held in Plock ORLEN ARENA and surpassed its size to last year's edition, which took place in the amphitheater.

However, such a huge stage design demand a giant "Ground support" with 26m span bridges because the arena roof is not designed to hang anything.

This year's set was based on the theme of the diamond. 5 led screens was hanged in diamond shape. All structures, called by the technical team "L's" were covered with LED GRID curtains.

More than 300 of the lighting fixtures was installed and to control light and multimedia we used two GrandMA2 fullsize consoles.

The whole set, multimedia and lighting were installed in less than 3 days.
This was the project:

This how it finally looks: