Friday, December 2, 2011

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As the one of the first company in the industry ARAM has created a profile on a relatively new service Google + . All our friends are welcome to join and follow our actions on a Google +, and also LIKE our profile on Facebook. We plan to introduce interesting  attractions for all our fans, friends and clients.

Along with new developments on YouTube you'll see our channel on YouTube channel in a new form, with videos and presentations (there are already well over 60), which we hope will become an inspiration for you.

We have introduced and continue to run the first and biggest Blog about events in Poland, we manage the world's largest community groups EVENT ENGINEERING (LinkedIn, Xing, Ning, PLSN, Facebook, Goldenline) were the first to introduce not only new technology and equipment but also we connect people within event industry.

Whether you 'like us', collaborating with us, or not, we invite you to join the largest Polish and international event engineering communities!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Voice of Poland and ARAM

"Voice of Poland" is the latest TV show in TVP2 that ARAM is not only a provider of multimedia but also scenic co-producer. You can see some of latest technology equipmnt which is available in our offer and had its debut.

1. LED curtain Fourlight FlexLED with 19mm pixel and the unusual creative flexibility

2. New full transparent glass for our LED Floor - that significantly raises the quality of image in the tv camera.

3. Stage track automation system controlled by DMX and fully compatible with our new led curtain (FlexLED)

4. Almost 400m of led snakes - 16mm with or without diffusion covers

The effect can admire every Saturday at 20:00 on the TVP2 air or previous shows can be seen on official channel of Voice of Poland on YouTube

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Miss POLAND and Miss Supernational 2011

Miss Supranational and Miss Poland contest in Poland year by year has amazing multimedia set. This year one of the largest event engineering in Poland, ARAM also delivered complete set which include multimedia, lighting and sound. 

This year contest was organized last time in Plock amphitheater. Rafal Mrzyglocki sad: We started to work on set design November 2010, and march 2011 it was almost ready. This year we add 2m on front stage to make more place for all ladies. We also  make bigger LED VIDEO FLOOR which was shouted by spider cam. All the front of stairs was covered by PixBOX while all the arched was covered by Fourlight LED GRID curtains. In the center of stage we installed 10mm SMD led screen also from Fourlight. Lighting gear include latest Sharpy and JB Led 7. Sound gear  Mayer Sound Milo + Soundcraft mixers. 

We also used first time full color STAR LIMBO SMD RGB, almost 300m2 has been hanged as a background. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Miss POLAND 2011 - set design

27 August is coming and 2011 POLISH Miss finals, too. Miss POLAND beauty contest will be live brodcasted in  Polsat television.

ARAM once again provide not only multimedia but also a set design and building, lighting and sound for this prestigious event.

Below you can see how it will look decor for this year's Miss Poland contest :)


Friday, August 12, 2011


THE VOICE OF POLAND -  Blind Auditions.
Complete multimedia set made by ARAM ready to show :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miss Poland Contest Semi-finals 2011

Here's how you can change a small amphitheater in the mega set. Semi-finals of 2011 Miss Polish contest was organized  this year small town named Kozienice.

Complex design and construction of scenery as well as supplying the necessary multimedia, lighting and sound systems were carried out by ARAM, which since the recent addition of equipment also offers a multimedia stage design, both for events and as well as television shows.

It is worth mentioning that the event of this magnitude broadcast live on television is for each city a chance at an unprecedented promotion, and good design sets + the use of modern multimedia solutions can transform even a small object in a place where you can achieve this rank shows what Miss Polish contest.


Here is the picture how the small amphitheater looks before:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giant Panoramic Projection

ARAM again raises the bar. This time, compiled probably the largest ever panoramic projection was made in Poland. The picture was almost 100m in length and over 500m2 area.

100m long image was displayed in the hall MT Poland, whose walls were covered with a horizon. Sets was designed by Maciej Sobkowiak, CEO or Sound of Muscic agency, the organizer of an event for the DnB Nord bank.

The projection was served by 11 projectors, two CATALYST  PRO media servers and was controlled WHOLE HOG 3.

SMS Million - multimedia set

This TV showis no longer broadcasted in Poland, no less you can see the multimedia set built with PixBOX and 85 inch plasma screens . The whole multimedia was driven by 5x Catalyst PRO HD media server.

Warsaw's Eve Best in Europe

A giant stage filled entirely on multimedia and lighting stood on Constitution Square in Warsaw. It is worth mentioning that the slogan "The Greatest New Year's Eve in Europe," which promoted the event is not unreasonable - hardly any European city had just emerged stage, which can match the level of technology, even such events as Euro Vision gala. ARAM was a one of gear supplier for this venue.

Being many years in the event engineering industry I have seen a lot of New Year Eve sets abroad and I can say that this year in  Poland we had one of the best New Year Eve set I ever seen.

Giant dome stage was covered by LED GRID modules from Fourlight, for a total hang as many as 1,400 pieces, they all had to be combined into one big screen to be controller by three CATALYSTS media servers and Whole Hog 3.  On both sides stage was hanged a huge led screens and in floor was installed  180 modules of Fourlight LED FLOOR in star shape.

As a lighting gear was used few hundreds of  Vari Light jokes, JB Lighting A7 led jokes and for the first time in Poland was used latest Clay Packy Sharpy jokes. All controlled by two Hog’s 3.


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