Monday, July 29, 2013

15th year selecting the World’s Best in Pageantry!

15th year selecting the World’s Best in Pageantry!

GB comment: No question here, Miss Supranational’s production values and entertaining quality is at its finest, delivering an upbeat, interesting and easy-to-follow format; the lights, the stage, the  pre-pageant videos, all adding to the great job this pageant has been doing for the past years.  They get the Gold Yulia for entertainment and innovation.  In 2nd place, the Miss World competition although with some technical glitches, managed to delivered a great quality show with an impressive stage and some welcomed changes in the competition’s format. Miss Universe gets 3rd place, as entertaining and controversial as it has always been, we have seen way better productions in the past from this giant competition. 

The set was designed by Jack van Daniels and ARAM is proud to be set design and building company and of course delivered all multimedia and lighting for this show :)

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