Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dynamic, sexy and… wet!

Dynamic, sexy and… wet! This is the way the new video ‘Intoxicated’ by Relanium presents. The project was carried out in cooperation with Danny S and Miss Laila.
Short, fast changing shots by Artur Szyman made it look very energetic and dynamic; sexy because of the singer – main character of the video; and wet… due to our Water Courtain appeared, visible in most of the captures.

What distinguishes this video clip from all the others shots in similar electro-house style is an extremely spectacular technical solution - water courtain. Keep in mind that it has 9 meters width and Full H2O resolution!

Laser beam or pictures from projector can be displayed due to 3 rows of nozzles providing thick and regular water surface. Closed water circuit system enable using this solution at any desired place.

Because of applying water curtain in such project, many unique shots and extraordinary possibilities could be made. Advantages of using this technique weren’t new for producer and light designer, who invited us to join recordings taken place in Hollywood studio in Warsaw.
Proverbial icing on the cake were visualizations appearing in the background of water surface. Such an effect was achieved by using LED curtain, precisely 20 sqm of Fourlight LED Grid. Fourlight LED Grid is a well known product widely applied on TV productions, concerts and events.RM