Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Warsaw's Eve Best in Europe

A giant stage filled entirely on multimedia and lighting stood on Constitution Square in Warsaw. It is worth mentioning that the slogan "The Greatest New Year's Eve in Europe," which promoted the event is not unreasonable - hardly any European city had just emerged stage, which can match the level of technology, even such events as Euro Vision gala. ARAM was a one of gear supplier for this venue.

Being many years in the event engineering industry I have seen a lot of New Year Eve sets abroad and I can say that this year in  Poland we had one of the best New Year Eve set I ever seen.

Giant dome stage was covered by LED GRID modules from Fourlight, for a total hang as many as 1,400 pieces, they all had to be combined into one big screen to be controller by three CATALYSTS media servers and Whole Hog 3.  On both sides stage was hanged a huge led screens and in floor was installed  180 modules of Fourlight LED FLOOR in star shape.

As a lighting gear was used few hundreds of  Vari Light jokes, JB Lighting A7 led jokes and for the first time in Poland was used latest Clay Packy Sharpy jokes. All controlled by two Hog’s 3.


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