Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Biggest New Year’s Eve stage in Europe

One of the biggest celebration of the New Year’s Eve in 2017 was held in the city of Zakopane, in the south of Poland. The team at ARAM, an international full service stage design and production company and a member of the PRG Alliance, worked alongside over 70 additional crew members led by the world-renowned production designer Giorgos Stylianou-Matsis and lightning designer Adam Tyszka, to deliver state-of-the-art video technology and lightning setup for the event. As the result of three weeks of construction works, the stage was built at the foot of the Tatry Mountains, with a spectacular design that was fully complementary to the unique setting and weather conditions, providing a completely unique viewing experience to fans on-site and online alike.

The result?

A spectacular design, fully complementary to the unique positioning of the stage - right at the foot of the Tatry Mountains - anticipating and countering the weather conditions, and providing a completely unique viewing experience to fans on-site and online alike. Over 90,000 visitors enjoyed the show live, with over 7,9 million viewers tuning in to the TVP2 broadcast.

We’re incredibly proud to have been able to work together with one of the largest Polish broadcasters and many talented designers and directors on Europe’s biggest stage celebrating this special moment of the year” said Rafal Mrzyglocki, CEO at ARAM. “ARAM specializes in designing and delivering interactive multimedia productions for a variety of events, but Sylwester Marzeń was a very unique project to work on. Due to its location, the scope of festivities and many challenging elements that came with it, this stage is one of the most complex productions we’ve ever worked on, and one that will continue to inspire us for a very long time.

For the past 17 years, ARAM has been one of the leading companies specializing in complex multimedia designs for large-scale events. As one of the very few specialists active worldwide, ARAM has been working on some of the most sophisticated productions in the world of TV entertainment, music festivals and esports - including leading the “from concept to reality” projects for the world’s largest esports company, ESL, the Rio Olympics Fashion Show, and the NATO conference.

Foto: THX to Dorota Tyszka