Tuesday, January 23, 2018

LED screen in shape of bottle, shape of heart or mobile phone... and many more. All this from ARAM

Over 500m2 of the LATEST M3 led screens  together with untypical shape modules that allow you to create high resolution LED screens in various shapes.

1. Led screen with rounded corners, here you are !
2. LED screen in the shape of a heart! Also!
3. Christmas tree-shaped led screen !. It's already for the next Christmas!
4. Led screen with sapce between modules? Bent, rounded ...?
          ... or in the shape of a diamond, a bottle ... or maybe in the shape of a mobile phone?

M3 MAGIC STAGE is a new tool for creating multimedia stage designs!

The quantity and shape will not stop your creativity anymore. And all this in 3mm resolution!

But it is not everything. With the M3 MAGIC STAGE screen modules, you can build every letter and number!

Contact us today, we will create a unique multimedia set for you, or we will advise you on what you can design with our new LED PANELS. 

See what we do! Visit: www.aram.eu 
We operate worldwide ! 


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